About Us

What is Carolina Dentistry?

Carolina Dentistry represents all patient care at the UNC Adams School of Dentistry.

From comprehensive care to extractions and dentures, our experts are there for you every step of the way.

With all dental specialties in one location, we can be your dental home for life.

Who provides dental care at Carolina Dentistry?

There are three provider levels for patients at Carolina Dentistry.

Predoctoral Students/Dental Hygiene Students: predoctoral students who are earning their Doctor of Dental Surgery, or DDS, degree. Dental hygiene students are earning their Bachelor of Science or a certificate degree in dental hygiene. Both predoctoral and dental hygiene students are supervised by faculty.

Graduate Students/Residents: students who have earned their DDS degree but are completing additional training in a specialty. For example, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, etc.

Faculty: fully licensed dentists who also teach our predoctoral or graduate students.

What makes Carolina Dentistry different?

With experts in all dental specialties available, we can be your dental home, for life.

Carolina Dentistry’s experts are not only nationally and internationally known — they are committed to serving the people of North Carolina.

Whether your oral health needs include pediatric dentistry, braces, dentures or complex care, Carolina Dentistry has the expertise you need.